contemporary classic COCKTAILS

You can't beat the classics. We feature a selection of mixologist inspired CONTEMPorary classic cocktails, with various lengths of tasting progressions 
Blood & Sand

Some say the drink was created in 1922 and is named after Rudolph Valentino’s silent film about a bullfighter, Blood and Sand, based on the 1909 novel by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.


includes Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch, Luxardo Cherry Heering, Antica Sweet Vermouth, & orange juice.




Created in the mid-1980s by Dick Bradsell at Fred’s Club in Soho, London. The Bramble is the brainchild of Dick Bradsell, aka ‘The Cocktail King.’


Gin finds a match with fresh muddled blackberries served over crushed ice, laced with Crème de Mure. 


The origins of the Paloma are unknown, but what we do know is that it is the most popular tequila based cocktail in Mexico. 


Villa One Blanco Tequila, Aperol, Grapefruit Oleo-Saccharum, Lime Juice, Peychaud’s Bitters,  topped off with Schofferhoffer Grapefruit Radler

Whiskey Sour
new york Sour

Surprisingly, the New York Sour, which dates back to the late 1870s, was created in Chicago. It became known as a New York Sour, most likely after some New York bartender popularized it and changed its name. During that time period, a few sources reported that bartenders around Chicago were “constructing sours with a claret snap.”

Old Overholt Bottled in Bond Rye, Angostura Bitters, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Egg Whites, laced with Claret

Old Fashioned
old fashioned

"The first documented definition of the word "cocktail" was in response to a reader's letter asking to define the word in the May 6, 1806, issue of The Balance and Columbian Repository in Hudson, New York. In the May 13, 1806, issue, the paper's editor wrote that it was a potent concoction of spirits, bitters, water, and sugar; it was also referred to at the time as a bittered sling" -wiki

Old Forester Bourbon, old overholt Bottled in Bond Rye, Simple Syrup, & Angostura & Orange Bitters



Russian Spring Punch
russian spring punch


In London during the 1980s, Dick Bradsell created this recipe for a cocktail party. The cocktail was named after the Russian vodka in the cocktail and the seasonal Spring drink of Tom Collins.

New Amsterdam Vodka, Wycliff Brut, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, laced with Créme de Cassis


East india


This classic cocktail is named after the “East India” region that were a handful of British colonies, including India, but also Burma, Malaya, and Singapore. It was first published in the New and Improved Bartender’s Manual in 1882.

Korbel Brandy, Luxardo Maraschino, Pineapple Juice, Raspberry Syrup, & Lemon Juice


Pina Colada
mai Tai


In 1944 Trader Vic tested his drink on two of his friends from Tahiti, Ham and Carrie Guild. After the first sip, Carrie exclaimed ‘mai tai rao’ae’ which means ‘Out of this world’. 

Jamaican Rum, Rhum Agricole, Cointreau, Lime Juice, & Orgeat



Whether the drink was created to protect sailors from scurvy during the Spanish-American war, or the gin ran out at a party in a small mining town of Daiquiri, Cuba, and subsequently rum was used in its place.

Flor De Cana aged Rum, Lime Juice, & Simple Syrup